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Dr. Don

This note is a boom to all male’s and especially us old guys as we were targeting the increase in testosterone and huge result. We will keep testing this but this could be the biggest breakthrough to date. What male will not want our BA Mass Holographic Disc and it will get stronger and stronger.

Dr. Don is also a Texas medical practitioner and we are getting more and more of these back from the medical side, which I am excited about. Our signaling technology is working so well it is almost a little scary. It appears everything we are targeting with signals is working from Red Blood cells, to White Blood cells for increasing immunity to now specifics like testosterone. See below.

Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 8:29 PM
To: warren
Subject: update

Hello Warren,
This a.m. I had post op follow-up visit with my hernia surgeon. He is young and listened attentively as I described what a hologram is and the various benefits I have experienced.

#1) Sleeping through the night now (for the past month) w/o any sleep aids-which I have needed for the past several years!

#2) I ran a pre-test blood Testosterone level before using the Mass band (score 192), Mass band was then used for 3 weeks with posttest T level coming back at 276.

By then the surgeon was intrigued. I then described using the Relief hologram after surgery and having no pain, in fact, 24 hours after surgery I took no more of the pain meds he had prescribed. I informed him that I was so impressed with the results that I now carry the holograms to make them available for patients in my practice.

My surgeon wants to retest T blood levels after a few more weeks with the bands before reading the literature. He told his nurse, “I want to see Don in 6 weeks for selfish reasons,” – (to further evaluate the bands). I was encouraged!

So, should the Mass band be worn 24/7? Best not to wear at night, I do not believe, but again we are in new territory here so if you try at night, and I will do the same here, just be conscious of your sleep and definitely use the sleep holograms. With continued use will the T levels keep rising? Again you got a 70% increase in 3 weeks, so I would suggest testing again in a month so we can see. When we did this a couple of years ago the results was less than this and that does not surprise me as the technology is getting much stronger. How often should I do another blood test? One month.

Thanks so much,  Dr. Don