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Energy-wristbandMiracle Balance ENERGY BANDS are high quality silicone wristbands embedded with a safe, non-transdermal holographic data disc that activates acupuncture meridians to give you maximized power, balance, strength and energy.

Miracle Balance ENERGY BANDS come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes and are used by athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world to improve their power, balance, strength and energy.

Available in single for average individuals or double for sports-active people. ENERGY BANDS can be worn during athletic activity or all the time.

Stay hydrated for maximum effectiveness.  For optimum results use the WaterWand to create a negative ion charge using pure water that is not contaminated with chlorine, fluoride and other substances.


ENERGY WRISTBANDS are reversible, waterproof and will never wear out!  All wristbands come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  The first two – Light Blue and Light Green are available in sizes Medium – 7.5”, and Large – 8.5”.  All others are available in sizes, Small – 6.5”, Medium – 7.5”, Large – 8.5”

light_blue_white_energy_wristbandgreen_white_energy_wristband        black_gold_energy_wristbandblack_blue_energy_wristbandcamo-energy_wristbandGlow_energy_wristbandblue_orange_energy_wristbandOrange_Grey_energy_wristbandpink_white_energy_wristband



100% Product Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Go to our RESEARCH CENTER page to learn more about this amazing technology.

•  Maximized energy and endurance through elevated fat burning
•  Increased strength and flexibility
•  Enhanced coordination
•  Rock-solid power and balance achieved by redistributing the body’s energy
•  Fast recovery due to restricted lactic acid build-up
•  General pain relief in some peop
•  Improved ageing due to the balanced production of HGH
•  Balancing of the body’s 7 primary glands
•  Improved memory, intelligence and focus
•  Restored blood ZETA potentials

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How to Use

Can be worn on both left or right wrist or both.

The wristband should dangle like a bangle, be loose, so as not to restrict blood flow.

Fold your hand and roll the band up your fingers and onto your wrist.




Notice space between band and skin.


Affected pressure points


How long will the holograms last?
Mbdisc Holograms will continue to perform indefinitely. The band, 100% surgical grade silicon infused with negative ions, will eventually succumb to wear and tear depending on usage.

Must the Hologram touch my skin?
No, the holograms need to be in close proximity of your skin. – 1 inch

Can I wear it to Bed?
We do not advise wearing the Mbdisc band to bed since it is designed to enhance athletic performance. We do have a triple programmed sleep bracelet..

What can I expect to feel when wearing the Mbdisc Performance Band?
Our bands have been clinically tested by a major U.S. University. The results is our bands increase muscle endurance and reduce recovery time. This means the more energy you expend the more you will notice the results of wearing the Mbdisc performance band.

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Additional Study

The study we did at Troy University this past spring with the football team showed that our Miracle Balance bands lowered heart rate and blood pressure.  Lowering heart rate and blood pressure creates a calming effect on the body, which is a must in the sleep process.

We now have two major universities, Troy and the University of Alabama, showing that the signals from our discs create a biological reaction through acupuncture points on the body.  In addition, we have completed many other tests including live blood, thermal imaging, bio-coherence and the cell phone EMF study we did two years ago as proof of our claims.

Alabama Test NACSM 2011 Tests – pdf download

Troy University Tests – pdf download

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Use of caffeine and other stimulants can delay effectiveness of the Holographic Disc. If you have been taking drugs or chemicals you will likely  experience a detoxification effect (increase urination and/or body odor). Increase your intake of non-fluoride –mV water.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. For external use only.  Do not ingest. Remove  immediately  if you feel discomfort or skin rash occurs and increase intake of non-fluoride, -mV water.

These guidelines are solely for educational and informational purposes. The information is no way intended to be medical advice. Please consult a medical or health professional before you begin this or any health program, if you have any questions or concerns about your health. Mbdisc are not intended to be used in the cure, treatment or prevention of disease in man or animals. Individual results will vary.