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How Does Cellular DNA Communicate Holographically?

Ground breaking research out of the Moscow Institute of Control Science shows that the DNA in each of our cells carries complex information on the whole body.

Drill down further from DNA and atomic structure to the subatomic realm of quantum physics and you find some physicists strongly suggest that the nature of reality is analogous to that of a holographic projection.How Does Cellular DNA Communicate Holographically?

Scientist propose that DNA functions in a way that correlates with holographic projection. DNA projects a blueprint for the organism that is translated from the electrodynamics’ to the molecular level and functions as a bio-computer. This DNA-wave bio-computer reads and writes genetic code and forms holographic pre-images of bio structures.

Furthermore, recent presentations at the 2nd DNA  World Congress (WDD-2011) in Dalian, China demonstrated the physics behind the cellular communication of the body, resonance of DNA and that of colloidal water, which can be signaled using scalar longitudinal waves.

MBdisc holograms have undergone rigorous testing using Western methodology.

Recently, our Relief holograms went through a study at the University of Alabama.  The study shows the Relief Discs significantly increase muscle endurance and improves muscle recovery.

The Alabama study, presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Convention in June, 2011, is also published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, June, 2011.

Continuous  ongoing tests and Testamonials.

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