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World-Class Athletes Gain a Competitive Edge

Advanced technology introduced in U.S. through MBdisc
Atlanta, Georgia — In an increasingly competitive sports world, athletes know hard work and proper nutrition are the keys to performing at their peak and maintaining an edge over rivals. football-action-shotThat’s why world-class athletes rely on the ground breaking technology of the holographic disc from MBdisc to augment their stringent training programs.
MBdisc technology has more than 150 professional athletes and Olympians. Many trained by world renowned trainer John Schaffer and include Apollo Ono, Giddeon Massey, and Wayne “Lights Out” Johnson, all believe in maximizing the bodies potential naturally.
This 21st century innovation by the Atlanta based company Miracle Balance LLC, is the marriage of holographic technology combined with proven Traditional Chinese Medicine of Acupuncture to activate the body’s meridians, thereby creating a healthy, balanced, and natural way to maximize the bodies potential for more energy, greater flexibility, increased strength, maximize endurance and rock-solid balance.
This new advancement in technology means that this easy to peel and stick holographic disc, the size of a nickel, can be used as a fast, effective, and 100% natural solution for athletes maximizing their athletic potential. As well as wearing the MBdisc Energy Performance Band while competing and training.
“I could not be more excited.  These are truly amazing products, giving all our athletes an unseen advantage. The independent studies compiled at the Universities were published in the Medical Journal of Sports Science.  It is easy to use, drug free with no addiction and no side effects!” exclaims Lester Ford , president of Miracle Balance, LLC

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