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Holographic Signaling for Enhancing Performance and Counterbalancing Environmental Pollution
Research Staff, Lee G. Woolley, MBnP, CBP, HealthWalk Research Staff

discsThis article deals with how holograms work and the programming and science behind creating and using holograms in signaling the body.  Miracle Balance LLC has holographically  programmed disc to aid the body with strength endurance and stamina, sleep, pain relief, weight loss, and to help the body cope with the noxious affect of microwave signals in the environment.

Holograms provide a mobile solution to go along with a number of direct contact office or home technologies that use, needles, sound, light, color, geometric patterns, numbers and other signaling vehicles to aid the body.  The key point with holograms as a delivery vehicle is the holographic environment for communication and the storage ability for data inside the holographic environment.  Also the hologram can incorporate many different design elements.

Acupuncture is a natural globally accepted area of use with holographic signaling.  Placement of holographic disc on acupuncture points allows stimulation for an extended period of time in balancing meridians in the body.  The holographic energetic effect comes from signaling through the energy field of the body and also from temperature differentials from outside the holograms to under the holograms over the acupuncture points.  Temperature changes are known to create activation of acupuncture meridians and by using holograms the period of activation can be extended for days instead of minutes from needles.

The predicted direction of influence in helping the body cope with, and counterbalance, the effect of our toxic environment is in the energy medicine area.  The area of energy medicine that could move to the forefront in treatment as realization drugs and chemicals are not the solution to health is resonant signaling delivery devices.

Several companies are at the forefront in the signaling science area, such as Healthwalk, in Carlsbad, California, harmonicresolution, that uses super computers and mathematics in their process in Los Angeles; and spectra-vision in North Carolina, which provides real time modeling of the body and its response to signals and holograms.

The predominant physics site, in our view, is theresonanceproject.  located in Hawaii.  These organizations have advance science that works and can be backed up with provable physics, mathematics, and results.  Listening to Nassim Haramein, with the Resonance Project speak is a treat and his delivery is amusing, as in not boring, and the science he has proven is new and life changing as can be shown on his site and with his DVD’s.

These organizations have had a major influence in the development of Miracle Balance holographic delivery devices, which provide a mobile delivery platform for signal resonance.  The basics of holographic communication, which is taken from solid science, developed by companies such as those mentioned is as follows:

In summary, physics has shown that all elements communicate and come from the vacuum, zero point field, or space and all are holographic in nature from the universe to the atom and communicate holographically with each other.



The form of all matter as we understand it involves spin, and torque as space is known to bend from basic physics.  So here is a view of what that initially looked like to our scientist.



The model dictates the program configuration required to achieve holographic programming.  Note the singularity as the center point B and the event horizon spreads out from the center with counterbalancing spin patterns.

illustration-3With more study and testing the initial model, while very close, has evolved to the following more current model developed by the Resonance Project.  The Resonance Project model takes into effect the spin, torque and Coriolis effects and the equal and opposite reaction required by physics.



illustration-4In further confirmation of the accuracy of the Resonance Project model a third model was developed independently by Harmonic Resolution as noted here using super computers.  The similarity is amazing and was developed independent of the Resonance Project for different purposes.  The key importance of this model is the use of mathematical models to communicate with people using tones.

The key to creating the model effect in holograms is scalar waves, which have the ability to transmit information and energy as longitudinal waves.  Our scientist learned how to transmit scalar waves from the top expert in this area Prof. Konstantin Meyl http://www.meyl.eu/go/index.php?dir=10_Home&page=1&sublevel=0.


By understanding how nature communicates and functions using the models developed above circuits were designed to generate scalar waves for transmitting numerous molecular structures and other effects as natural signals.

The signal imprinting, while complicated in the mathematics, results in a similar effect to saving a file on a computer disc.  Mathematical signals or tones have been developed by Harmonic Resonance and Bioacoustics expert Sharry Edwards and others, so we have years of understanding in this area.

Testing the body’s reaction to the holographic signal has been extensive and has been done by blood testing, thermal imaging and by several different technologies of surface scanning of the skin and fluids of the body.  Here is an example of Baseline testing before using a cell phone.  This shows the body’s reaction to the cell phone signals and the body’s reaction after adding a Protect Holographic disc to the cell phone and placing on the body.


Baseline before Cell Phone


Cell Phone added


Protect added to Cell Phone






It is clear with this Spectravision scan that the body was in biocoherence before adding the cell phone; biocoherence was degraded by the cell phone, and then restored by the addition of the Holographic Protect disc on the phone.  Graphs are real time.

Here is another look adding the heart effect to the scan by looking at the amplitude.


Baseline before Cell Phone


Cell stresses the heart


Heart calms with Protect






The heart in green on the bar graph shows the increased heart stress and the pituitary in purple also shows the stress, which makes sense.  Health and performance are all about biocoherence and balance in the body.  If one gland is too strong or too weak it will affect all the other glands and create imbalance in the body limiting function.

illustration-14The holographic design has developed over time as more and more testing and research were considered.  Fundamental principles and nature are the keys in this development, which continues.

The basic design started with a mathematical vortex as the center and note how similar the vortex is to the vortex models presented previously.  This was done independent of the models noted by the other sources.

A major component of the hologram became obvious early on concerning numbers and geometry.  8’s are very powerful and there are double 8’s in the center of each hologram, which equal 64 and to this is added an octagon of 8 sides.

illustration-15There are already starting to be spinoffs of the research associated with creating the hologram structure.  Initiating change with holographic signaling will continue to develop and provide a model more in sync with nature and the electric body.

We live in an environment where we are bombarded with unnatural signaling influences and we have to create ways of coping with these influences.  Nature provides a wave guide for us to live in with 7 Hz (+) above us in the ionosphere and 7 Hz (-) as the natural ion charge of the earth.

Our body’s communicates internally generally under 100 Hz and to a great degree under 10 Hz.  In the quest for money and convenience we have polluted the natural environment with powerful unnatural frequencies and we will pay the price without dealing with the issues.

In addition, we are sold with massive advertising, much of which is misleading, the concept that drugs are the solution to helping us cope with the environment we have polluted and constantly this is proven to not be the case.  The drug companies are all about money at our expense and using invasive products that are not of nature will one day be a joke to future generations as they look back on us.  We have to stop being the pawn’s at some point, in the drug and other games, so we might as well start now.

We are in a period in history where we realize a lot of mistakes we have made with our environment and much attention is on cleaning things up.   Holographic and other signaling technology is working and will continue to develop as energy medicine develops and this will provide non-toxic and lower cost alternatives we badly need.  Our universe was designed to work on frequencies and signals as were our bodies so getting back to nature one way or the other is the order of the day.

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