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Welcome to the Research Center where you can see for yourself test results regarding the holographic Data Disc™ from Miracle Balance.

On Going Testing

Completed test results summaries are listed in the subcategory section below.
Science Overview – pdf download
Bio Coherence
Galvanic Skin Response
Thermal Imaging
Parasite Cleanse Imprinting
Sleep Wristband Study
MIT study: Cell phones and Insomnia
Abstract on Blood Zeta Potentia| – pdf download
Abstract on Relief Discs
| – pdf download
American College of Sports Medicine Results – pdf download
Alabama Test NACSM 2011 – pdf download
Interstitial Fluid Testing for Holographic Effect on Human Physiology – pdf download
Interstitial Fluid Testing for Holographic Effects on Human Physiology – pdf download
Holographic Counterbalance to Protect From Potential Deadly Effects of Wireless Communications and Convenience Devices – pdf download


Oximeter is a measurement instrument used to check blood-oxygen saturation levels and the pulse-rate in a non-invasive way. The Oximeter is being used in conjunction with testing on the equipment listed above. Formalized studies are under way.

Blood Studies and Hormone Testing are being conducted by Dr. Hugh Smith in his lab at HealthWalk. For live blood cell analysis Dr. Smith uses a sophisticated microscope called an RTM (Richardson Technology Microscope). This microscope (the same one being used in places like the Scripps Center, The Pasteur Institute, and more) is being used for live blood cell analysis. Dr. Smith has been involved in this technology and research for more than 25 years. Plans call for a video demonstration on this web site as well as slides showing before-and-after effects of the holographic Data Disc™ on live blood cells.

Bio Explorer: Numerous tests have been completed in formulating our Data Disc™ using BioExplorer and Spectravision. Studies continue daily in measuring the effect on specific gland or Chakra points in seven specific areas of the body and to measure consistent biocoherence adjustments when the holographic Data Disc$trade; are worn. For more information on BioExplorer and Spectravision refer to their websites.


Kinesiology showing effectiveness of PROTECT Disc using Kirlian Photography.

Before - Relaxing No Cell PhoneUsing Cell Phone - Note DisruptionUsing Cell Phone With Protect Disc
Picture A
– Before – Relaxing No Cell Phone, Picture B – Using Cell Phone – Note Disruption, Picture C – Using Cell Phone With Protect Disc

Note the above Aura photos (technically called Kirlian Photography)  taken by Harmony Farms to show the effectiveness of PROTECT Disc when added to the cell phone.

  • In Pic A.  Notice the Calm Aura without a cell phone in use. Showed by Blue Greens and Purple being the optimum base level for this person.
  • In Pic B. A Cell phone was answered, and the Colors change immediately, showing high Red for Alert.
  • In Pic C. Adding a PROTECT Disc and make a call, and immediately you can see the colors change back more towards his balanced baseline. Truly amazing cause they work.

Thank you Harmony Farms.   Return to top


Bio Coherence Testing is a way to measure if the body is energetically balanced. Below is an electromagnetic spectrum which shows that the long wave part of the spectrum, less than 10 Hz, is used to determine energetic balance. Also, testing on the Data DiscTM is being done on the upper side of the spectrum with programming in the bioacoustics area.  Return to top


galvanic_skin_responseGalvanic Skin Response: ZYTO technology is an interface through which information is transmitted and analyzed. It is a link between one information processor (a computer) and another (a living body). By monitoring dynamic biological markers in near-real time and then orchestrating output of data in sync with those markers, ZYTO instruments can pass information between the two with meaning and value.

Zyto’s LSA galvanic skin response program has excellent feed back on the acupuncture points and meridians in the body in near real time as does BioExplorer and Spectravision. Using all three give us a clear understanding of how our holographic disc are affecting the body


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Thermal Imaging:

Thermal imaging tests are ongoing at Health Walk in Carlsbad, California and are tied into Duke University for analysis. Thermal Imaging allows a visual representation of the effects of the holographic Data Disc™ in regard to decreasing inflammation and body heat. Energy activation of the Data Disc™ appears as cooling or lighter shades of color (blue/green) in areas being activated.

Thermal_Imaging Thermal_Imaging_2

Highly Inflamed Areas Are Shown As White and red. Notice the inflamed area on the calf and thigh (yellow/red/white) in the picture to the left. Highly inflamed areas are shown as white.

After Peeling And Sticking A Holographic Relief Disc On Both Legs – Thermal Images were taken 5 minutes later. The image on the right shows that the highly inflamed white area changed to green, representing a decrease in inflammation and body heat.

When tracing the color changes through the use of Thermal Imaging, they generally correspond to the same acupuncture meridian lines in 2,000 years old Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thermal Imaging is an integral part of the Data Disc™ testing program and look for continuous updates.  Return to top


Focus of All Studies

The only claim made concerning the Miracle Balance holographic disc is that they stimulate an energetic response in the body’s acupuncture points and meridians. The analogy can be drawn that they have the same energetic capacity to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians like acupuncture needles.

Test results to date show a measured energetic response 100% of the time when an MB Disc is used.

Additional claims and results are strictly based on known responses resulting from stimulating various acupuncture points and meridians. These responses are based on 2,000 years of Traditional of Chinese Medicine and/or the result of Western scientific studies.  Return to top


Designs that factor in vortexes, geometry, symbols, intention, and color are being used in the basic holographic designs. Advances are already in place to increase the amount of information that can be concentrated in each holographic disc. In addition, intrinsic data fields and tones are being factored into each hologram. This necessitates ongoing studies of individual and combined components of all products sold by Miracle Balance.

The future of storage and retrieval are trending toward the use of holograms. It is an exciting time in the holographic industry.

Our company is determined not only to be the ones to introduce the use of holograms to influence acupuncture points, but to continue to stay the industry leader, as well. name=”parasite”

Parasite Cleanse Imprinting

We have been running test at Texas A & M for the last 4 months on using our technology to see if we could eliminate parasites in goats.

The test involves us imprinting our signals in a silica material, and feeding the silica mixture to the goats in a before and after test to see if the parasites can be reduced.

The first test showed a 30% reduction in the parasites the first application and after 2 weeks with no additional application the reduction rose to 50%.

We looked at the results and tweaked the signal formula and hit 50% reduction in the second test and skipped the second 2 week test to see the additional kill rate.

We checked the results and again tweaked the formula and just hit 60% overall kill, which should translate to around 80% with more time in the goats body.  The interesting effect on top of the additional increase in removal was the immediate elimination of Coccidian protozoa infection.  This is apparently a bad boy in the parasite world that can lead to death in the goats and is tough to deal with on the drug side.

The next tweaking has been made and the goats are now in 10 day test with multiple application’s and everyone is excited.  This according to the experts is a huge deal in the animal world that can translate to humans.

So the key here is that the more we successfully signal heavy duty stuff like this the easier it is to understand we can do amazing things in the performance area with regulating heart and blood pressure, relieving pain, increasing muscle endurance and recovery time and improving other areas we have shown.  The Genie of longitudinal scalar wave programming may become, “your wish is our command”, with some additional testing and we are planning that now.  Return to top