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Shaunta W

On October 11, 2010, I had gone into a Max muscle to return an item.   I knew exactly what I was going to exchange the item for: a nutritional shake. What was interesting was as I grabbed the shake, I realized the shake is not what I really wanted. I was looking for a supplement to help give me energy, strength and endurance because I run 5-6 miles three days a week and I usually start my run early morning.

Well, as I continued walking around the store looking for supplements, I noticed this product called “MIRACLE BALANCE-Energy Band.”  At first I glanced at it, read the benefits of it and thought to myself “Yea right” and burst out laughing. So I picked up the product and read it again. I must have read it for about 10 minutes. I turned the package over and looked at the price and I was like “Hmm”. So I said to myself, “Why in the heck would I purchase something to place on my wrist for energy and endurance?”
So, I decided I had nothing to lose and the worse that could happen is that, it won’t work. The fact that prior to entering the store, I was already exhausted, I needed some energy.  So when I purchased the band, I’m not kidding you, I immediately removed the band from the package and put it on my wrist and oh my gosh, I immediately felt this type of energy that I had never felt before in a natural way. All of a sudden, when I arrived home, I was able to cook my dinner for the week, and write my 10 page research paper.  I noticed my energy level had increased. I thought I was going crazy, but realized the MIRACLE BALANCE Energy Band was working.  Usually I would have just crashed as I had just emailed my doctor about the fact I have no energy and have been struggling with this for a long time. My doctor did not know or have any remedies for me and I explained to her there is no reason I should be exhausted especially when my life is not that chaotic. My lack of energy had been a concern for a while. My doctor had even run tests, and she could not find anything. So in the past, when I felt exhausted, I just crashed.  Although, I am not a coffee drinker. I tried it in the past and it only last for about an hour and then I find myself crashing again.Not only did it work, the next day on October 12th, I got up early morning to do my run and noticed I had strength to keep going. Usually, I have to stop; especially when I have eaten something unhealthy because prior to this, I had eaten a hamburger, fries, shake, and chicken nuggets in one setting and there is no way I am able to run nonstop when I eat this crap, so I was shocked that the MIRACLE BALANCE Energy band gave me the energy and the strength as well as the endurance I needed to complete my run non-stop. My husband asked me “How were you able to run at a steady pace when you just ate all that unhealthy food yesterday?” I said to him “It’s the MIRACLE BALANCE Energy Band.”  I noticed my speed, breathing and form was good too.
It is hard to explain in words how the MIRACLE BALANCE Energy Band works. People will have to just try it for themselves so they know exactly what I am talking about.  It’s a natural energy you feel from this band that I cannot explain.
I know this sounds crazy, but I would strongly encourage people to try this product because it really works.  I am just amazed and the price is well worth it. Thank you for making this product affordable.  I wear the band all day long and I feel more alert and not exhausted. I can’t wait until I do my timed 10k mile coming up next month. I am participating in the Thanksgiving Run to Feed the Hungry and thanks to the MIRACLE BALANCE Energy Band, I know I will do well because I believe in this product and it will give me the natural energy, strength and endurance I need to run a 10k, at a steady pace nonstop.

Thank you so much.

Shaunta Williams
Sacramento, California