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Miracle Balance Stamina Protocol

This protocol is good for all running sports and will yield a low heart rate, low blood pressure, and insane stamina and performance in practice and games. The 4th quarter will be your friend.

Theory:  Acupuncture’s affect on the body has been known for thousands of years and hundreds of studies have been completed showing efficacy of acupuncture placement.

Miracle Balance has created a way to provide a thermal charge to conventional acupuncture points, without the use of needles, to create the same or in some cases stronger effects noted in (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine references.

Studies:  A pilot study at the University of Alabama indicates increased muscle endurance and improved recovery using the signaling protocol of Miracle Balance holographic disc.  The pilot study is being presented at the American College of Sports Medicine in June and is being published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

The Andrews Clinic at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham is also doing a follow up study that should be completed in May and the University of Alabama is in the approval process of a second study that should start this summer.

There is a video on Facebook of an interview with an Auburn player that is in the 2011 Combine.  He is saying the Auburn starters were all using some wrist bands last year that increased their stamina and help them over achieve in the 4th quarter.
The interviewer in the video is highly suspect, and the angle of the interview as to the product he was talking about is totally suspect, but the player was telling the truth.
Here is a test that anyone can do to verify the validity of this protocol:

Do Super 8’s with a player without the Miracle Balance Protocol shown below and record the heart rate on the up side and the low point on the down side as noted.  The player with the largest spread between low and high heart rate has the largest degree of recovery and generally should outperform all things being equal.

Use a treadmill or exercise bike and do a 2 minute warm up (Check Heart), peddle or run hard for 30 seconds (Check Heart), peddle or walk slowly for 2 minutes (Check Heart), peddle or run hard for 30 seconds (Check Heart) and repeat this exercise for 8 sprints recording the results of high heart rate and low heart rate each time.  This is measuring fast twitch muscle fibers.

Now repeat the same exercise that day or the next day using the Miracle Balance Stamina Protocol and you will see the holographic difference.

Crossover Control.  To make this test even more accurate use two groups and create a cross over test.  Use one group with bands the first time and the second group without bands.  Then the second test swap the bands from the group that used them the first test to the non-band group and have the first band group use no bands and compare the results.  This will rule out any machine improvement effect and the results will be bands only.

Miracle Balance Stamina Protocol


Energy Wristband Energy Wristband





These two bands are used as examples because Vic and Mel have a good understanding of Miracle Balance Holograhic Signal Transduction.

Use the Miracle Balance Holographic Wrist bands or Action Hologram on both wrists, which activates PC 6, and TW 5.

If you use Action Holograms instead of bands use on both points and tape on.

illustration-5 illustration-6 illustration-7 illustration-8 illustration-9 illustration-10





Use the Miracle Balance Holographic Ankle Band or Relief Holographic Disc and set to SP 6 as shown in the first ankle picture, which will automatically set the outside band to UB 59.  Use on both ankles.

If you use Relief Holograms instead of bands use on both points and tape on.

illustration-11 illustration-12 Using the combination of Relief and Action is very powerful in athletic performance. Elite athletes use a Relief disc on CV 6 in combination with other Action Disc placements for additional performance.


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