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Thermal sync, signal transduction, and tapping holographic acupuncture techniques for motion sickness and nausea

Utilizing Miracle Balance holographic performance wrist bands is a variation of traditional acupuncture.  It can be helpful for a variety of ailments including nausea and/or motion sickness.

The process involves three operators, thermoelectric sync, signal transduction and tapping:

  1. A thermoelectric sink effect is created from temperature variance over and under the hologram on the wrist band creating an energetic effect much like the stimulation of an acupuncture needle.  When placed on a specific acupuncture point PC 6, the affect has been shown to resolve nausea and/or motion sickness as noted in TCM.
  2. The signal transduction resonance effect from the programming in the holograms.
  3. A tapping effect is created by tapping the PC 6 point hologram and the TW 5 point, but never at the same time. See below.

With the double wrist band a second acupuncture point TW 5 is stimulated also by the thermal sync, signal transduction, and tapping on the back of the wrist.


  • illustration-1Locate the point P6 shown here. It is about two inches above the middle of the palmar wrist crease in between the two tendons.
  • Tap this point 8 times several times a day to stimulate the effect of the thermal sync and signal transduction.
  • Alternate the tapping on the PC 6 point first and then the TW 5 point on the back side of the band the next time.  So if you tap the first time on PC 6 then in an hour or so tap the TW 5 point the second hour and back and forth.
  • You can massage the points as many times as you like but limit to 8 taps per stimulation when you experience nausea and/or motion sickness.
  • Miracle Balance Holographic Bands are a safe, non-invasive, none drug and
  • chemical approach that has been shown to reduce nausea and/or motion sickness.

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