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Understanding the Electromagenetic System of Your Body Can Provide an Advantage in Sports

Strength Coaches can create the strongest, fastest, and most agile athletes, but if you do not understand the driving force behind the control circuit of the body the athlete can be vulnerable. Iillustration-1f the light switch is turned off muscles go out along with energy and the body has on and off switches.

Miracle Balance has proven conclusively our holograms can signal the body and create different reactions. In the case of muscle endurance and recovery we did this in a double blind, crossover, and placebo controlled study at the University of Alabama that has been presented at the ACSM and published in NASCM. No other companies have studies like this.

We believe by understanding the human energy field and electromagnetic properties of the body we can contribute an edge to the trainers and coaches that choose to listen.

Protect Silver HologramEdge One. Protect your athletes from microwave radiation. The uses of microwave transmitting devices have proliferated over the last several years. Large stadiums containing thousands of fans have thousands of microwave emitting devices such as cell phones texting and calling throughout the games. Microwaves are passing through both teams in massive amounts at the speed of light weakening the players.

Miracle Balance has proven that our Protect formula will counterbalance the body from the effects of microwave radiation that can have a disruptive and weakening effect on the body. If the electromagnetic signals of the body are disrupted performance is diminished. This can be demonstrated easily with a cell phone and simple kinesiology test.

sports-bandsSolution. The team that has Powered By Miracle Balance bands or holograms, with the Protect formula program, will have counterbalance protection for the players and thus greater performance and less energy drain from the microwaves.

Edge Two. The body has been mapped as to electrical charge as noted above. This mapping shows the polarity and thus the way to protect from disruption of your energy flow. The body is all about positive and negative charges and the body prefers negative charges. Negative ion water is better for the body for this reason. Miracle Balance can help with this also.

illustration-2The Switch. The palm of the left hand is negative (-) and the front center of the body is positive (+) as noted in the graphic. If the left hand palm (-) is raised quickly up the front of the body against the circulation of a man’s (+) energy field (blue line) then disruption and weakness results in a similar way as the cell phone disruption.

The center of the chest is also positive, so you have to protect this point at all times. If an opponent can get his left hand on this point you will have issues just like with the cell phone.




The key then becomes too discretely, and I stress discreetly, work moves into your formations to easily protect yourself by redirect your opponent’s energy field and thus mess with his light switch for the protection of your players.

One way is simply by pointing to the person you are going to block or run around in an upward motion. Defensive players obviously have more opportunity to use this due to the rules on movement.

The condition you are creating is likely cumulative in that the more you protect yourself by protecting your energy flow the weaker and weaker the opponent becomes.

illustration-4Edge Three. Hologram placement on acupuncture points can open the energy flow of players and produce the ability to perform at your best. Request the Miracle Balance Protocol for the benefit you desire.





disc-actiondisc-massExample: To ground the body and stabilize balance for speed  and added strength use Kidney 1 with the Action or Mass Disc. Note the meridian line.

Top and bottom of both feet under the socks

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